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Sleepy Hollow High School Photography Student's Work Accepted to Prestigious Contest

The Sleepy Hollow High School Art and Media Department proudly announces that Drexel University has chosen a photograph by senior Isabella Direnzo for its High School Photography Contest Exhibition.

"I am so proud of Isabella's progress in developing her own individual voice with her digital photos. She has a true passion and dedication to her craft. Her acceptance into this highly recognized exhibit speaks volumes to her growth as an art student at Sleepy Hollow," said SHHS Art Media Department Chair Angela Langston.

DiRenzo is an AP Photography student who has been accepted to and received merit scholarships from the photography programs at Savannah College of Art, School of Visual Arts, NYC and University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

She said she was proud to receive such an honor and finds satisfaction as a photographer. “Three people can take the same picture and have very different views.”

High school students from across the United States enter the highly competitive show, and a panel judges reviewed their work before acceptance.

Drexel University Program Director of Photography, Paul Runyon, congratulated Isabella on her work being chosen from the hundreds of entries.

Her photograph, along with the other chosen entries, will be exhibited at Drexel's Photography gallery in Philadelphia from Feb. 8 through Mar. 1