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Graduation Signs

June is a special time for any graduating class. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, the students in the Class of 2020 have to celebrate their milestone apart from one another and away from the faculty.  Many of the scheduled events have to be changed to meet the demands of the current times. In order to show the graduating class that we were proud of their achievement, several  members of the high school faculty and staff delivered Graduation Signs to every one of the 193 graduating seniors in the Class of 2020. Due to the generosity of many kindergarten, elementary, middle and high schools teachers and administrators, as well as the community at large, the National English Honor Society was able to provide a sign for every graduating senior.  In addition to the donated signs, 142 signs were purchased by parents and community members which are proudly displayed around the district. May 24th was filled with reconnections as the students were excited to receive their signs, and the faculty involved were equally excited to see their students after weeks of distance learning.  


Many faculty members volunteered to make distribution of the graduation signs possible.  Thank you to Brenda Sutherland and Tobi Fradkin, from W.L. Morse School, for helping to assemble and organize the signs. Thank you to Marni Meyer, Mary Noll, Roberta Golan, Jessica Hunsberger, Tony Baxter, Jorge Veintimilla, Katherine Donahue, Dina Lopez, Jennifer Walsh, Maureen Hickey, Jason Choi, Sarina McGough Choi, Leslie Ishoo, Dan Larkin, MIchael Frank, Kim Kaczmarek, Robby Spirelli, Allison Katsman, Elvira Juarez, and Jessica Moore, from Sleepy Hollow High School, for delivering the signs to our seniors on a Sunday. Thank you to Greg Cole, an alumnus of the Class of 2001, from Global Choice, Inc., for    filling the order and rushing the delivery two weeks early.  Finally, thank you to the 133 individuals who donated signs (List of Donors attached) for making it possible for every graduating senior to receive a sign.  This was truly a community endeavor.


Congratulations to Sleepy High School Class of 2020.  We are proud of you and we celebrate your accomplishments.  Remember:  Once a Horseman, Always a Horseman!