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Message from the Superintendent

Dear TUFSD Families,

I hope this letter finds you well.  The District has been exploring, and yesterday confirmed, our capability to offer parents the option to have their children attend school remotely if their child or family member is in a high risk category or if the parents are uncomfortable sending their child to school in our Hybrid model of instruction. As you know, we then sent a survey to all parents asking them to indicate which model they would choose, 100% Remote or Hybrid, to begin the school year.  To assist parents in their decision making, we have included summaries of the two models below:

Hybrid:  In this model, students will be divided into one of two cohorts, A or B.  Students in the A cohort will attend school in-person on Mondays and Tuesdays, while students in the B cohort will attend school on Thursdays and Fridays.  When the A cohort is in-person, the B cohort will access their classes virtually through the use of the Google Classroom and document cameras. Attendance is mandatory for both in-person and remote days. On Wednesdays all students will participate in live remote lessons.  Beginning the week of October 19, 2020 Wednesdays will become an additional FLEX day of in-person instruction for either the A or B cohort providing circumstances allow this to occur.  Wednesdays will also be used to ensure that a cohort does not miss a day of instruction due to a school holiday.  The days each cohort are expected to be in-person will be indicated on the school calendar.  

Remote: In this model, students will follow their daily schedule and access their class virtually through the use of the Google Classroom and document cameras. They will not be assigned to a specific cohort as they will not participate in in-person instruction. Students will participate in the lessons that are streamed from the classroom and will be expected to complete all assignments given to students who are attending in the hybrid model. Asynchronous and independent work will also be part of the experience. Attendance is mandatory. As with students attending in the hybrid model, time with the teacher will be available. It is important to note that there are inherent limitations in this model as compared to in-person learning. 

The purpose of yesterday’s survey was to give the District more clarity with respect to who would choose the 100% Remote vs Hybrid model.  If you select the Remote model you are committing to remote instruction until the end of the first trimester (December 8, 2020) for elementary or the end of the first quarter (November 6, 2020) for secondary. If you select the Hybrid model and family circumstances change you can contact your principal to discuss the option of moving into the Remote model. This information is important as we work to solidify our cohorts, class assignments, and schedule transportation in final preparation for the opening of school. 

Next week, the schools will be contacting those families who selected the Remote model to confirm their choice and share our Remote Learning Expectations agreement.  If you have already submitted your survey, and would like to change your response based upon this information,  please contact your building principal.


Chris Borsari