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Message from the Superintendent

Dear TUFSD Families and Staff,

I hope this letter finds you and your family well, and that you’re enjoying the end of the summer break. As we approach the first conference day for teachers next week, and our students’ first day of school on September 10, I want to ensure that everyone has seen the Phased Reopening Calendar that we issued earlier this week.

This weekly update continues to provide information about our reopening plans, as well as resources to help families through the upcoming transition. I also want to remind you to access the Recovery Planning page as a valuable resource.

Remote Learning: We will be assigning a dedicated remote learning teacher to classes from kindergarten through fifth grade. In the middle and high school, this will not be feasible as the teachers have content specific certifications and students participate in a much wider range of classes. 

Student Schedules: As we have restructured our programs to accommodate the hybrid and remote learning options, our school and student schedules have undergone significant changes.  We anticipate mailing student schedules home on September 3.

Building Orientations:  From September 15-18, each school will be conducting well structured morning orientation and transition programs for students.  The specific details and orientation schedule will be shared by the building principals next week.

COVID-19 Screening Attestation:  All students, faculty, staff and visitors are being asked to complete a daily health screening each morning. The electronic questionnaire, which takes less than a minute to complete, will help ensure that anyone exhibiting COVID-19 systems does not enter our facilities. We appreciate that this screening is essentially a social contract and relies on the good faith of students and staff, and we encourage everyone to answer the questions honestly.  Click here to access the TUFSD Daily COVID-19 Screening  tool. This is currently being translated into Spanish. 

Technology Support:  To ensure that all students have an opportunity to equitably engage in virtual learning, we are offering technology support to students and parents. As we have informed you, the district has developed a 1 to 1 Chromebook program and, to date, 1905 chromebooks have been distributed. Hot spots and internet access will also be provided to families, as needed. The district is also establishing an in-person technology help desk to provide support to parents who want to better learn how to use the Chromebook, log on to devices, etc. The help desk will be set up in front of Sleepy Hollow Middle School on September 3, 8, and 9.  Additional information will be provided next week. Any student who has not yet received their Chromebook can also pick one up on these dates.

Trauma and the Current Pandemic: In partnership with Fordham University, the district has offered parent workshops designed to recognize and address the trauma that many students and their families have experienced in recent months. Additional workshops will be held for administrators and teachers to help ensure that the district is creating a safe environment for all and that we are supporting and teaching emotional regulation skills. We will continue to address this topic regularly and provide additional information as it becomes available.

School Calendar: Given the uncertainty about and changes to this year’s calendar, we held off on printing and issuing our annual calendar. Our calendar is now being printed and will be sent to family’s homes in the coming weeks. Please understand that changes may still occur.

We appreciate your continued patience and support as our plans evolve and change. Our primary goal continues to be creating a safe and structured learning environment for all our students, staff, and families. 


Chris Borsari