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Public Schools of the Tarrytowns: Application for Transportation to/from Alternate Location

Consistent with N.Y.S. Education Law 3635(1)(e), children in grades K-8 may be transported between the school the child legally attends and the location of before-and/or-after-school childcare under the following conditions:
1- Children may be transported to/from location anywhere within the Tarrytowns District if the Daycare facility is licensed by NewYork State.
2- Facilities that are not licensed by New York State must be located within the attendance zone of the child's school.
3- The District allows only one additional pick up or drop off location other than the home address.
4- The parent or legal guardian for the child must submit the request for transportation in writing.
5- A new request must be submitted every school year and received by August 10, 2021. For the 2022-2023 school year this form must be returned by the state mandated April 1, 2022 deadline.
6- All requests must allow for a processing time of up to two weeks.



TUFSD: Transportation Alternate Site Form  English

TUFSD: Transportation Alternate Site Form  Spanish