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Students Return for In-Person Learning

Students of the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns returned for in-person learning today as they were warmly greeted by the administration, faculty and staff. They may have been dodging raindrops and wearing masks, but the smiles and excitement couldn't be contained. 

Parents of incoming kindergarten students at John Paulding cheered as students were greeted by Principal Barnett and entered the building.The parent of her oldest child, who is entering kindergarten in Ms. Reyes' class, said: “It was wonderful to see the principal and staff so excited to welcome the students today! They made sure the students felt safe and cared for and I am so glad that we are now part of this amazing district.”

There were similar sentiments as WI and Morse students, many of whom were new to their school, came through the doors and found their way to classrooms. As Washington Irving Principal Tom Holland helped students find their way into the building he said:  “I am so proud of these students as they walk in here ready to take on a new year. We have all been through a lot but they are excited and they are resilient.” 

“It’s been 18 months since we had all of our students in the buildings for in-person learning and seeing them walk through these doors gives us reason to celebrate,” said Superintendent Chris Borsari. “That said, we also appreciate that this is a big transition for our faculty and students alike and will be paying close attention to the social/emotional, health and safety aspects of returning to school."

At Sleepy Hollow Middle and High School, students engaged in class meetings and activities to help reconnect with their peers and get to know important information about the school and one another.