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Starbooks Cafe Showcases Early Readers and Writers

Starbooks Cafe Showcases Early Readers and Writers 

Kindergarten students in Meggan Mangiacotti’s and Elyse Macchi’s class were the generous hosts of the 3rd annual Starbooks event, a cafe style setting complete with greeters, food distributors and cashiers. Several students participated in the ‘live mic portion of the event by reading books that they created and illustrated.  Topics, all chosen by each student based on what is important/interesting to them, ranged from New York City to soccer, dangerous animals to marching bands. Each book also included an “About the Author” page that included their favorite, food, color(s) and hobby. Cookies and rainbow were among the most cited!

In addition to the writing project, which took 2-3 weeks to complete, all students had a job at the cafe. Guests (who were limited to school personnel due to Covid) were warmly greeted by smiling students saying “Welcome to Starbooks!” Each guest also received play money from a student that was used to purchase a treat and water bottle and put into a cash register. Each station was labeled and illustrated.

“The students really understood the entire concept of the event and the scene that we were creating,” said Ms. Macchi. “They were very proud of their books, interested in what their classmates had to share and took the roles they were playing very seriously.”

Indeed, as one student read about the playground and read “I can climb,” his classmate said,”oooohhh, that’s good!” 

John Paulding Principal Maureen Barnett, who calls this is one of her favorite events, said: “I am so proud of the excitement that the teachers have been able to build with our young readers and writers. This process is a critical stepping stone in their education and it’s wonderful to see them be confident and proud of what they are doing.”