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Krump Comes to SHMS During Black History Month

On Friday, February 18, 2022 students at Sleepy Hollow Middle School were treated to a Krump performance by world-renowned dancer Brian “HallowDreamz” Henry and the Krump Collective. The Collective presented a powerful new work that will premiere at Works & Process at the Guggenheim in early 2023. Students had the rare opportunity of witnessing the behind-the-scenes creative process of world class artists, as well as participate in a Q&A following the performance. They even saw a few peers and teachers try their hand at Krumping! At the end of the performance, one Sleepy student said “I felt that in my heart.”

The performance was made possible thanks to the generous support of The Pocantico Center of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Krump is a dance style born in the early 2000’s in the inner cities of the Los Angeles County. It is a high intensity dance that requires strength, power, control and a commitment to expressing raw emotions. Krump is a freestyle type of dance: dancers spontaneously compose with dozens of basic movements and elements. More than just a dance style, Krump is a culture in itself that consists of basic movements, music, terminology, a dress code, and many other aspects. The different forms of gatherings, such as battles, sessions, shows, and labbs (practice time), allow its practitioners to express themselves at different occasions. Krump was birthed and evolved in those settings. In its early stages, spiritual connotation was associated to the dance, which explains the acronym of Krump: Kingdom, Radically, Uplifted, Mighty, Praise.