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TUFSD Kindness and Inclusion Month

During the month of March, the district will be participating in a Kindness and Inclusion Initiative. The kick off will be on Wednesday, March 2nd with Spread the Word: Inclusion Day. This day is a national celebration to promote inclusion for all people with differing abilities. To participate, students district wide will be brainstorming ways to spread kindness and inclusion within our school community. They will also have the opportunity to sign a kindness pledge during their lunch period. Monday, March 21st students will celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Day. Individuals with Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome. (3 - 21 chromosomes - which is why we celebrate on 3/21). Since chromosomes can look like socks - we will be having a district-wide crazy sock day to raise awareness. Friday, April 1st will be our annual district-wide Light it Up Blue celebration. We urge all students and staff to wear blue to support World Autism Awareness Day which will take place on Saturday, April 2nd.