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Spreading Kindness Throughout our Schools

We kicked-off Kindness and Inclusion Month across the District yesterday with "Spread the Word: Inclusion Day!" This day is a national celebration to promote inclusion for all people with differing abilities. Here are just a few amazing ideas about kindness from our students:
"'Find someone who needs a friend and draw them a picture to make them smile!" 1st grader
"If there is a way you can help someone in your own unique way, do it. Everything counts." - 6th grader
"Everyone is dealing with something whether you know it or not, so just be nice and kind. That's all it takes and it's not that hard." SHHS student
Students, faculty and staff signed a kindness pledge banner in all of our schools during their lunch period and then received a sticker vowing to spread kindness and inclusion. Students across the district will be brainstorming ways to spread kindness and inclusion within our school community.
On Monday, March 21st, students will celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Day. Individuals with Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome. (3 - 21 chromosomes - which is why we celebrate on 3/21). Since chromosomes can look like socks - we will be having a district-wide crazy sock day to raise awareness.
On Friday, April 1st will be our annual district-wide Light it Up Blue celebration. We urge all students and staff to wear blue to support World Autism Awareness Day which will take place on Saturday, April 2nd. Please stay tuned as we share more throughout the month on this important initiative. Be sure to spread some kindness today!