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Wee Deliver

After a two year pause, Wee Deliver has returned to Washington Irving School. On March 4th, students were reintroduced to Washington Irving’s very own post office- Wee Deliver. Through Wee Deliver, students are invited to write letters to their friends and teachers within the school building. 

The USPS began Wee Deliver in 1991 in an effort to encourage school children to write letters. It gained recognition over the years thanks to Former First Lady Barbara Bush, who was a proponent of the program during her years in the White House. Since then, the program has continued across the nation. 

Wee Deliver allows WI students the opportunity to learn more about the postal service, how to properly read and address letters, and the chance to spread acts of kindness and cheer. With hallways renamed with names such as Friendly Way, Kindness Drive, Respectful Road and Teamwork Trail, each class has their own address to receive their mail. Students address their letters and finish up with a stamp designed by students and chosen through a student body vote last school year. Letters are sorted and  delivered every Friday by our letter carrier from Mrs. Campana’s class. 

Since opening on March 4th, over 1,000 letters have been delivered around Washington Irving. Everyone at WI is excited for mail delivery day and looking forward to Wee Deliver continuing and growing through the years.