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ENL I Students Work with Kindergarten Dual Language Students

Last month, the high school students in Mrs. Gramonte’s ENL I class embarked on a language adventure and became mentors to the students in the Kindergarten Dual Language Program.   

The adventure began when Ms. O’Brien visited the ENL high school class to teach them how to use BOOK CREATOR, a program that allows students to become authors by creating, editing, illustrating and publishing their own books.

As part of a unit in food and nutrition, and paying homage to their cultural heritage, the ENL I students created cookbooks (in English and Spanish) of traditional and beloved recipes from their countries.

The magic began when the students visited the Kindergarten Dual Language Program in Mrs. Praino’s and Ms. Reyes’s classes. The Kindergarten students had just finished their How to writing unit. Mrs. Gramonte’s students. put into practice their newly acquired skills, not only in English, but in BOOK CREATOR.  They helped the Kindergarteners publish their ‘How to’ books using this wonderful technological tool. 

Initially, the students from both programs felt nervous about interacting in a language other than their native one, but a few minutes into this experience, the smiles and level of confidence was visibly reflected on the students’ faces. 

Just look at these pictures!  Also, check out the BOOK CREATOR library, where you will find the How to books and the cookbooks created by these new authors from both programs.  And…while you’re at it, try some of the yummy recipes.  We’re sure you’ll love them!