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English Honor Society/Elementary Schools Reading Partnership

From May 16th through May 25th, students from Sleepy Hollow High School's English Honor Society partnered with John Paulding and WL Morse Schools Elementary School Teachers who requested a reading buddy.  These high school seniors walked to the respective classroom to read aloud to each class as part of the EHS's effort to promote literacy between the high school and our elementary schools.  It was also an opportunity for the seniors to visit their former schools prior to the Rose Ceremony and graduation at the end of June.  Thank you to Mrs. Barnett, Mr. Walley, Mrs. Brand, and Mr. Baxter for supporting this initiative.  Mrs. McGough Choi, the Honor Society's Faculty Advisor, would like the thank the following participating teachers and students:
Ms. Bakala, Ms. Sherwood, Ms. Richardson, Ms. Schneeweiss, Ms. Dexter, Ms. Reyes, Ms. Sutherland, Ms Delo, Ms. Salazar, Ms. Macchi, Ms. Mangiacotti, Ms. Fradkin, Ms. Rubeis, Ms. Rivera, Ms. Kluge, Ms. Manzo, Ms. Miles, Ms. Schubin, Ms. Paci, Ms. Esposito, Ms. Ferrino, Ms. Meehan, Ms. Roffi, Ms. Grovin, Ms. Praino,
Jinkinson Louis, Henry Poret, Grace Frankstone, Elle Bertolacci, Emily Loza Lojano, Ashlee Molina, Kaitlyn Chen, Olivia DiRenzo, Aliya Tang, Alexa Gonzalez, Virginia Bencosme, Luis Ramon, Emily Allendorf, Isabella Ruiz, Lucia Balestrieri, Molly Barnett, Matthew Ryan, Bianca Vercesi, Grady Holmes, Rosalie Marchini, Lea Burgos, Charis Polycarpou, Henry Lazo.
The High School's English Honor Society looks forward to continuing this partnership next year with its newly inducted members.