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Everyone’s a Winner at the Second Annual Horsemen Fun Run

Washington Irving hosted the Horsemen PTA second annual Fun Run on a blustery Friday morning with parents, teachers and staff cheering the K-5th grade students on with fierce Horsemen spirit!

The students walked, skipped, and ran to support this fundraiser that benefits the district’s  elementary schools, raising $40,515 to date. Washington Irving Principal Tom Holland’s pep talk prior to the start summed up the vibe of the morning  “All your hard work was worth it - time to go have fun!”

Whether they got sponsors or not, all of the students participated and received special Horsemen Fun Run armbands.

“Each of the buildings get to spend the funds raised the way they want, it’s great getting students, staff and parents engaged,” said Horsemen PTA President Sophia Rana. 

WL Morse used last year's funds to plant flowers and shrubs labeled for study with the Eco Club, and Washington Irving installed ‘Buddy Benches’ to encourage students to make new friends. John Paulding School will be combining 2021 funds with this year's funds to purchase new playground equipment. 

The theme of the 2022 Horseman Fun Run was  “Learning Life’s Grand Adventure” which included a character education program. Each day students learned a new empowering motivational word - stewardship, wonder, bravery, and gratitude. The final theme word was perseverance, an ideal one to help students push through and complete Friday’s run.  

As one member of the PTA commented, “We got the kids outdoors, they learned great lessons, and raised funds for their schools - it’s a great day to be a Horseman.”