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The Spirit Of Sleepy Hollow

When it comes to Spirit Week, the students at Sleepy Hollow High School are all in! And this year was no exception. The enthusiasm on display throughout the week of October 10 was infectious, and it never let up. In the halls, in the gym, and on the field, Spirit Week electrified the Sleepy Hollow campus for five days of camaraderie, competition and heart.  

Each grade chose a theme and became a team: Hakuna Mafreshmen; Sophomores Onscreen; Back to the Juniors; and Seniors Save the World. The themes were brought to life in the high school’s hallways, which were fantastically decorated to reflect those themes. The artistry and imagination on display were incredible!

Each team was also assigned thematic colors: the Freshman had to work with a kind of yellowy orange, the sophomores were blue, the juniors were pink, and the seniors were black. Those colors were the basis for team shirts throughout the week. 

Spirit Week is also a major competition, and though it was friendly, Sleepy Hollow students took it seriously. Each grade competed against each other in a variety of events over five days and nights. Each event was worth coveted points. After a competition, the scores were tallied and added to the leader board.

The Back to the Juniors won the weeklong Food Drive for an important 100 points. But the Senior Super Heroes won Game Night Wednesday. The seniors also took first place in the highly competitive Hallway Decorations contest with a comic super-hero vibe, but the Hakuna Freshmen were close on their heels with a Lion King jungle theme. Class Cheer went to the seniors, and Best T-shirt Design to the freshmen. One of the highlights of the week was the massive dodgeball tournament that took place in the gym. Girls played against girls, boys against boys, and then co-ed teams took the floor. That event went to the seniors.

When the final numbers were reviewed,it was the seniors who won the week, followed by the juniors, then the freshmen, and the sophomores. The winners were announced at the Homecoming Game Friday night.

Speaking of Homecoming, it was pretty epic. It started with an energizing pep rally in the gym, followed by the impressive bonfire on the field, exuberant cheerleading, creative team banners…and of course, the game. The Horsemen didn’t win this year, but it was a beautiful night to be out on the field or in the stands. The sportsmanship was terrific, and the mood was electric. 

Of course, Homecoming was presided over by newly elected Homecoming Royals, Ywomie Mota and Wibel Maria. They were crowned during the Homecoming Court at the pep rally. It’s all part of the many traditions handed down year after year, generation to generation, that make Spirit Week so special at Sleepy Hollow High School.