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Fire Safety Week Capped Off With Key Lessons for Morse Students

Get outside if you smell smoke or see fire. Never hide, but go to the window to get the attention of the firefighters if you are trapped. And only call 911 in an emergency. These are the core messages that first and second graders at WL Morse learned from the Sleepy Hollow Fire Department last week as part of Fire Safety Month. The special assembly included a demonstration and chat with firefighters followed by a video that stressed all of the important fire safety lessons.

SHFD Chief Okie, using his brother Chief Driver Okie as his model, explained all of the essential equipment firefighters use to stay safe and help fight fires. One first grade student proudly proclaimed after the demonstration “I never knew but I learned how to stop, drop, and roll if your clothes are on fire. I liked that they showed us how.”

Chief Okie also stressed that you should never go back inside, even if you forgot your favorite stuffed animal or if your family pet is still indoors. "We have rescued birds, cats, dogs, even fish. We can because it’s our job,” he said. “You’ll be sad, but you can get a stuffed animal. You can't be replaced.”

The engrossed students then went outside to see a pumper fire engine up close and hear how the truck with its hoses functions to put out fires. When asked the biggest thing he learned, a second grader remarked “Did you know that firefighters use chainsaws to cut through roofs; so cool!” 

The lucky students even got a lesson in real time when the Tarrytown fire horn signal went off and Sleepy Hollow Chief Okie explained how the Sleepy Hollow horn alert is different. “Now I know there are different horns,” exclaimed one first grader.