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Digital Journalism Students Learn "Show, Don't Tell" Film Technique

Students in Mrs. Aragona’s 8th grade Digital Journalism classes took a field trip to the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville to participate in a foundational workshop, using the technique “Show, don’t tell.” This four-hour crash course is designed to empower a viewer to experience a story through actions, senses, and feelings rather than exposition, dialogue, and description.
As part of this workshop, students worked collaboratively to engage in mini film challenges and storyboarding, generating story ideas from prompts and exploring them using the technique of “show, don’t tell.” Students used their problem solving and critical thinking skills to come up with the best game plan to envision their story, and worked to adapt it based on peer and instructor feedback.
While the students participated in this hands-on filmmaking workshop at the Jacob Burns Media Arts Lab, they developed skills they can take back to their Digital Journalism Class, including effective storytelling, analyzing film shots, and specific camera/editing techniques. We can’t wait to see how the students continually apply these new learnings in their Digital Journalism class!