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Sleepy Hollow High School Students Cast Their Mid-Term Votes in Mock Election

Although the majority of Sleepy Hollow High School students aren’t yet eligible to vote in the mid-terms, they have still taken a significant interest in the election process, the candidates and their causes. 

Social Studies students created a Voter's Guide with information on the candidates running for Senate, House of Representatives, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, State Senator, and State Assembly. This information was then posted on the Rho Kappa bulletin board, which is the National Social Studies Honor Society.

Rho Kappa students also presented the Voter's Guide in Social Studies classes after which students voted in a mock election. 

SHMHS Social Studies Department Chair and Rho Kappa Advisor Jessica Hunsberger said that many students expressed interest in issues ranging from immigrants rights to abortion to the economy. 

When the SHHS polls closed, 466 votes had been cast! The results were overwhelmingly in favor of the Democratic nominees in New York, with each receiving well over 50% of the vote.

“This is an important project for students on many levels because it asks them to think about the issues, listen to opposing points of view and consider what is most important to them,” said Ms. Hunsberger. “It also draws their attention to one of the most important aspects of our democracy - the right to vote. I hope that each student does so in an actual election as soon as they are eligible.”