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Art in the Early Grades: Kandinsky and Miro Masterpieces by Morse Students

First grade artists in Mrs. Dietz's art class have been busy learning about primary and secondary colors and practicing color mixing. As part of their studies, they painted circles inspired by Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky and used the painted circles to create "Kandinsky trees."

In second grade, students had the opportunity to study the work of Spanish artist Joan Miro, specifically the paintings The Singing Fish, The Blue Star, and the Red Sun. These paintings allowed students to explore different shapes and lines, as well as the concept of abstract art. Abstract art is often based on an identifiable subject, but the artist simplifies, rearranges, or leaves out details to create a more expressive or imaginative work that does not have to look realistic.

Through these activities, students learned about the elements of art and how to make artistic decisions.