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WI Students Recess with Robotics

Washington Irving students are learning about building and creating robotics during recess with Technology Teacher Assistant Meghan Hak. Fifth grader Seina thinks the special program is “great” and her table mate Zaib elaborated “it's fun because you can make stuff with your brain.” 

The students began by building a vehicle following directions like one would a Lego with a program called Vexgo. In the second phase, they learn how to power up their vehicles and make them move. “The first one you built is wind up, but then the next move faster because we added electricity,” said Fynn.

The first-year program garnered a big response with more than 140 students across the 3 grades signing up.  “So we created 3 week sessions so all of the students interested could participate,” said Ms. Hak. Students are learning hands-on skills building like how to follow directions, teamwork and problem solving all in a fun environment. “It's a great first exposure to STEM,” said Ms. Hak.