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Middle School Students Use Robots to Learn Code and Collaborate

Our Library Media Specialist Joan Mullin is inspiring students to collaborate and work together by using Dash and Dot robots to teach coding and programming skills.
When students visit the library, this is one of the many hands-on activities that Joan embeds into her instruction, encouraging students to program the Dash and Dot robots to complete tasks, and work with their peers to problem-solve if their program doesn’t work the way they anticipated it would.
Beyond the computer science skills that students are learning, they are also developing communication and collaboration skills. They are learning to work as a team, communicate effectively, and share their ideas. Mrs. Mullin's program is not just teaching technical skills, but also the social and emotional skills that are crucial for success in any field.
We are incredibly grateful to have Mrs. Mullin's expertise and dedication in providing such valuable opportunities for our students to learn and grow both academically and socially.