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From Trash to Treasure: Young Learners Taking Action on Earth Day and Beyond!

"It's our planet, so let's protect it!" This important message stated by our youngest learners was not only the theme of Earth Day last week but one that the district is committed to throughout the year. From picking up trash to planting to pledging to protect our environment, our K-2 students got their hands in anticipation of Earth Day and are definitely thinking green!

Ms. Esposito's students repurposed yogurt jars at John Paulding School to make planters. At the same time, Ms. Schneeweisses's class planted sunflowers and picked up trash around the school grounds with PE teacher Mr. O'Rourke.  

Down the hill at Morse, first and second graders created artwork stating their Earth Day pledges. Ms. Shubin's first graders each made their own 'Earth Man" featuring personal pledges of how they will each be friendly to our earth and cherish our environment. Ms. Miles's class created a poster pledging to do their part by planting trees, recycling, walking instead of driving and protecting animals. These important messages are being put into action. "There was a big pile of garbage in the playground yesterday - so I picked it up," said Sofia. 

Protectors of the environment Cristiano, Milena, Luke, and Nicholas proudly displayed their poster pledges. They chanted in unison, "Don't litter, don't cut down trees, pick up trash when you see it, and don't pollute the water." 

Second grader Marley summed up best how we can all be good stewards of our earth home "We should celebrate Earth Day every day!"