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Greek Dramas with a Modern Twist Hit the Stage at SHMS

For their Spring Drama performance, the Sleepy Hollow Middle School Drama Club, led by Mr. Kennedy, chose two short plays inspired by Greek mythology: Ariadne’s Thread and Pandora’s Fire. Each play threw a proverbial “wrench” in the original stories to create a modern twist on classic Greek mythology. 

The mythical half-man, half-bull, Minotaur is at the center of the student’s first play, Ariadne’s Thread. This story follows Theseus on an adventure to meet his father in Athens. When he offers himself as a tribute to rid the land of murderous Minotaurs, he is met with an interesting proposition. Cretan Princess Ariadne is willing to help, but only if Theseus promises not to kill the Minotaur (the twist!). The SHMS Horsemen brought energy and excitement to the stage, bringing Theseus' struggle with the Minotaur to life.

The well-known story of Pandora inspired the second play. She was given a box that was not to be opened under any circumstances. But her curiosity got the better, and she is to blame for releasing jealousy, grief, greed, and disease into the world. Right? In Pandora’s Fire, the talented cast and crew brought an untold side of her story to life.

Congratulations to the cast, crew, and director for their outstanding performances!