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#JustBeYou: Empowering WI Students through an Anti-Bullying Performance

Washington Irving students were thrilled to watch the #JustBeYou performance by Random Farms Kids Theater the other week, which included one of our very own 5th grade student actors! The #JustBeYou performance is part of an anti-bullying tour, and deals with social issues in an effort to support children in their own personal development, and guide them towards healthy interactions with their peers.  

After the show, students participated in a Q&A session with the director and the actress where they emphasized the importance of just being yourself!  This session created an opportunity for students to explore and discuss the sensitive topics of bullying and social media. 

With unforgettable characters, catchy songs and playful choreography, #JustBeYou is a performance that students are sure to remember! The Foundation's generous support made this transformative experience possible, and the Washington Irving community is immensely grateful.