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Make Way for Ducklings!

It has been quite an adventure for Morse first graders and their quest to parent the 2023 duckling brood. With a power outage, an impromptu sleepover at John Paulding, and a swim in the pool before Memorial Day, these little ducks have seen a lot!

The duck eggs were received with a big welcome in the first-grade classrooms. "Right away, we put them in an incubator," said Christopher in Ms. Delo's class. Olivia nodded, adding, "So they could be warm because we are not a mommy duck."  

Over the next 28 days of incubation, students monitored the ducks' development tracking their growth by candling. "We could see what they looked like when we shined a flashlight on them," said Luis. "And we could see their hearts beating," piped in Landon. 

There was considerable excitement when students arrived at school on 'hatch day' to discover a duckling surprise - one hatched overnight. The happy occasion was soon followed by big drama when Morse lost power, and students and teachers were sent home. Never fear; JP saved the day by hosting the eggs and hatched ducks in their incubators. 

Morse made way for ducklings once again as the power was restored, and the rest of the duck friends hatched on day 29. It was smooth sailing the next week as the ducklings frolicked and entertained students up and down the hallways at Morse. "I think it's funny when they are playing, and then they start to wrestle," said Luis, while his anonymous classmate whispered, "I think it's funnier when they poop."

On day 37, Ms. Salazar's ducklings got to take a dip and splash about in the Morse kiddie pool, with lifeguard Superintendent Bosari and the first graders cheering them on. 

First graders bid their dear duckling friends adieu on day 37. They departed for the greener pastures of Artemis farm, where they were greeted with a smile and open arms. The farm had recently lost all their chickens and ducks to the bird flu, so the farmer was overjoyed to get the Morse ducklings. Thank you, first graders and teachers, for being devoted, dependable, doting hosts! 

Darling duck details: Get your ducks in a row because ducks have many names! They are called a raft or paddling if they swim in a group like the ducklings did in the Morse kiddie pool. The ducklings that dilly-dallied in first-grade classrooms on dry land are called a brood. Two ducks dawdling together are called a brace. If diving, they are called a dopping; if flying (definitely to the teacher's delight, the ducklings were not), they are called plump.