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The Outdoor Classroom

“Berries!” “Pine Cones!” shouted third grade students from Washington Irving Intermediate School as they walked along the trails at the Peabody Preserve in Sleepy Hollow.

Students from the Dual Language Program participated in a Nature Scavenger Hunt on November 8th, looking for clues.

“I think it is fun because you get to see nature, leaves and rocks and sticks,” said Scarlett Johnstone.

Sofia Loza enjoyed the serenity of the 40-acre site. “I like that there are no houses here,” she said.

Students used their observation skills as they hiked, deciding what was man-made and what was created naturally.

They gathered leaves along the journey to bring back to school where they would write detailed descriptions of their leaves.

This nature study works-hand-in-hand with their current lessons that focus on how geography affects humans and how humans have adapted geography.

Thank you to third grade teachers Debbie Rose, Janet Rivera and Gloria Coren and Peabody Site Manager, Katie Scully for guiding the students.