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Annual SHHS Toy Drive for Blythedale

It's time for the annual toy drive to benefit Blythedale!  Please drop off unwrapped toys to room 203C at the HS by Friday December 16th.

Here is the wishlist for the kids at Blythedale:

Children Ages 3-5 yrs 

22 Boys & 16 Girls  

Gift Suggestions – Musical Toys, dolls, Balls, large piece puzzles, Musical books, easy to grip toys, blocks, big cars

Children ages 5-7 yrs.

29 Boys & 27 Girls  

Gift Suggestions – Action Figures, Barbies, any type of doll, simple board games, balls, cars, coloring books, large piece puzzles

Children ages 8-10

25 Boys & 19 Girls  

Gift Suggestions – Action Figures, Games, sport balls, cars, board games, Anything Sports, Dolls, puzzles, remote control toys, art and craft sets, hair accessories, nerf games and balls

Children ages 11-13 yrs

23 Boys & 15 Girls  

Gift Suggestions – Action Figures, Games, balls, art sets, board games Anything Sports, play make-up, nail polish, jewelry, comfy socks 

Children 6th – 12th Grade

38 Boys 27 Girls  

Gift Suggestions – Games, balls, anything sports (hats, shirts, etc. (size large/xlarge), make-up, nail polish, jewelry, body lotions, comfy socks.

Blythedale always needs more teenage gifts!